The Green Clean Team are highly experienced in working closely with government agencies, community support services, clients and families in responding to situations that may involve a delicate approach to professionally cleaning and organising environments, that for a range of reasons require more than a standard clean.

Our staff are trained and equipped to deal with the toughest of cleaning jobs that may include responding to a situation where hoarding or living in squalor has become a risk to safety and/or health. We understand that people living in these conditions may be suffering from mental illness, and work with all stake holders to ensure the clean up is carried out in a manner that respects the needs and feelings of the home occupier.

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“Our staff are trained and equipped to deal with the toughest of cleaning jobs”

Services we can offer include:

  • Document and create organised storage for retained items.
  • Decluttering, sorting and organising throughout the premises.
  • Identification and recovery of all valuables.
  • Ensure safe passage to all rooms, entries and exits, also access to main facilities, toilet, shower, bedrooms etc.
  • Recover, recycle and reuse all possible items, including electronic appliances, reducing amounts normally taken to land fill as waste.
  • We take photos / video documentation upon request.
  • Facilitate donations rather than disposal of items not being kept.
  • Complete detailed clean-ups of any rodent or pet mess within the property
  • Complete deep low bacteria cleaning, disinfection, and deodorising throughout the premises.

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