Over the past 10 years we have worked extensively on  modelling our company to become highly respected and well recognised specialists within the Disability and Aged Care sectors dealing with the sensitivities in assisting disadvantaged people not only in regaining their properties but  also their lives.

The GCT is becoming better known to many Disability Service Sectors, Health Organisations, Councils and the general public that it’s just not a cleaning service that we provide. Our service requires a great deal of research, planning, organisation and effort when working with clients, their properties and love ones in order to win their trust so their cooperation comes from a place of willingness rather than being forced.

Services We Can Offer

We work closely with clients, their families, friends, case workers, medical staff etc providing a one step at a time, well planned process.

  • Document and create organised storage for retained items.
  • Decluttering, sorting and organising throughout the premises
  • Identification and recovery of all valuables.
  • Ensure safe passage to all rooms, entries and exits, also access to main facilities, toilet, shower, bedrooms etc.
  • Recover, recycle and reuse all possible items, including electronic appliances, reducing amounts normally taken to land fill as waste.
  • We take photos / video documentation upon request.
  • Facilitate donations rather than disposal of items not being kept.
  • Complete detailed clean-ups of any rodent or pet mess within the property
  • Complete deep low bacteria cleaning, disinfection, and deodorising throughout the premises.

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